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Wed Jul 9, 2014, 12:24 PM
  • Listening to: Whale calls, courtesy of my 5yr old
  • Reading: How to edit journal skins...
  • Playing: The Fool, of course *winks*
  • Drinking: Cold coffee

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If you have time, please defend the copyrights of nathie by sharing this journal; I'm editing this entry as only the owner of the artwork can report it. Please put the APB out to other artists~ this site apparently makes a habit of this, unfortunately. Thanks again, Dar:

Gettin' sick of this crap.Simple.
Stolen.  Again.  Not mine.  Notified mods, artist, and slapped it up on Twitter as a theft.  Fuckers won't let people that aren't the owner or legal representation report the violation--so........I'll slap it over PUBlic then.
This belongs to
I'm going to see if the BBB can actually be notified of the flagrant and massive (now that I've browsed, a LOT of stolen artwork here) national and international copyright infringements going on there.

Firstly, to all of you beautiful people who subscribe, I want to let you know how grateful I am for your patience with my absence as of late. I've got so many overwhelming things to deal with, life-altering decisions that I must make and health concerns which I'm desperately fighting to remedy whilst...hmm, how can I describe this? It's like I'm parasailing quite low across the landscape of a spikey meteorite. Super-highs and scary-lows. 

Nope, it's not easy, but I refuse to give in. Compared to being in an abusive marriage, this is a piece of cake. Chocolate cake. With coconut frosting. A la mode, no less.

My kid & I are back from hiatus to NJ to commune with family & friends (long overdue, I might add). It went too quickly. I did some recon for living accommodations, to no avail unfortunately. I am effectively going to "Plan B" which involves attempting to secure employment and another place to live, primarily.

A light in this chaotic darkness, DarwinsMishap and I are approaching completion of the creation/design/layout of our Tarot card deck after well over a year's worth of work. I have started writing up the cards' definitions for his evaluation & input. I am hoping to create an artistic image featuring the deck at some point & will feature it here when I do.

Another fortunate happening that I'm elated to tell you of~ The wondrous weirdness of life brought me together with a past music colleague of 25+ years ago who happens to be the CEO and founder of ~ I have been officially instated as Director of Talent Recruitment - USA.

This is an unpaid internship position and it's a welcome spark of luck, goodness and fraternity for which I am extremely thankful. The timing could not be more perfect. If you or anyone you know is an unsigned artist in the rock, metal, alternative & indie genres, please visit… to submit your CD quality .mp3s. Feel free to share this URL ~

Visit… to view my bio and those of my colleagues there, too. If you're interested in listening in on the various shows broadcast live on Neue Regel Radio, you can "Like" them at… and get all the show schedules to  your newsfeed.

In addition, I have started to write up my professional résumé in earnest. I am very much hoping to find paid work sooner rather than later; it will just help me plan for our future more easily but it's tough everywhere, least of all here on the Space Coast, FL.

In the meantime, I am readying to start selling most of my stuff via eBay and my Etsy shop. Losing our home is imminent, hopefully this will be through a short sale and not foreclosure. Either way, we will have to leave, so 90% of everything must go.

I am burning inside to continue creating artwork~ I missed my PSE10 & Wacom Bamboo tablet~ I missed my Goth guys, my Tiefling, my fabric textures, et al when I was away. 

So much to do, I really need to make a schedule now. Wish me luck *winks*
May this reach all in good health & spirits~ ♥ Love to everyone. Seriously. ::hugs:: Thank you for your visit & continued support!


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
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Goths ROCK Stamp =D by TheOwl68 Only Straight Stamp1 by TheOwl68 Get Over It- Demisexual Edition by JustCallMeZoola Protected Stamp 1 by TheOwl68 tiefling stamp by NightmaresBleed Genderqueer by Inkiedo Stamp I'm Fine by JEricaM
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Hi there :wave: Yep, that's the *real me* pictured (finally)! I'm a hobbyist and developing artist. The bulk of my work involves creating 3D images in D|S4Pro and using digital painting plus other post-working techniques in attempts to create a style which is a mixture of painterly and photo-realistic. I started out as a traditional artist prior to the dawn of digital art so painting is one of my greatest passions.

I prefer the male form and much of my work falls into the male/male romance and affection category, so be warned if this is not your thing. I also enjoy creating fantasy images and have a specific series related to my dorky D&D inspired campaign/story, The Auriellian Prophecy. While I do not consider myself a writer, I began this storyline for the purpose of challenging myself to take scenes from it and bring them to 3D life.

In addition, I enjoy creating digital seamless fabrics, some of which are for sale at YURdigital and some for free at Renderosity, along with a small selection of basic 3D objects which I've modeled & mapped using Wings3D. I have included the links below. Please feel free to have a browse at your leisure :nod:

Something important I would like to share here; I want to let everyone know that I rarely comment on images featuring the female form. Please take no offense. It is not you, nor your artwork; it's only me, something quite personal which I won't get into. When I do comment on any genre of artwork it is because I genuinely like it. I don't expect comments in return. If you genuinely like any of my images enough to comment or favorite, that just rocks my world and encourages me further :love:

Since joining DA my skills sets and inspiration have sky-rocketed. I am overwhelmed by the enormous spectrum of talent here and also the vast offerings of shared knowledge and resources. I'm very happy to be a part of this community and hope to be able to contribute as much as I can. Contact me if you'd like to share & compare notes =D Constructive criticism is always welcome!

~*Update*~ I've added my own chat room :hooray:…

Lastly, just a gentle notice that my artwork is not open stock unless otherwise specified in my comments on the individual posts. If you see anything you'd like to use/re-post/share, etc, please respect my copyrights and Note me to ask permission.

Thanks so much for visiting and for reading. I hope you'll enjoy my offerings!

My YURDigital Store

My Etsy shop

My Renderosity Freebies



TheOwl68 has started a donation pool!
200 / 2,300
Right, new goal~ I will use these points to support contests and other artists here :love: because I adore sharing!

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Thank you for the fav my friend...
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You're welcome :)
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uxmal750ad Featured By Owner May 13, 2014
Hi!  I saw what you said recently about learning to use Vue, but not having it.  Did you know Vue 11 is free to download from  It's just the basic version, but you can play with it to see if you want to invest in any additional modules.  Give it a try!  Vue is what I've been using for my recent stuff here on DA.  Best regards...
TheOwl68 Featured By Owner May 13, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you very much :) I didn't know Vue 11 was free! I appreciate the heads-up :nod:
uxmal750ad Featured By Owner May 13, 2014
No problem.  There are restrictions of course.  You can't render large images at high resolution, but at least you can give it a try before you buy. Clap I've only purchased the "render up" module so far to create large high res. images.  About 60$  Good luck!
TheOwl68 Featured By Owner May 14, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hmm, $60 would be ok once I get a few more priorities in order :nod: thank you!
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