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...y otra vez by TheOwl68
...y otra vez
Threw this together because I managed to get their kiss to look reasonably good. Again, their hair isn't great, not my best. I need lots of practice. Also, not my best attempt at b/w-photo-realism. But -guys kissing- though... hee! :XD:

Yep, Trystan for M4 yet again, I have an obsession with this tattoo in particular. His other arm's tattoos are fantastic as well. Please go & grab him at Rendo:…

Trystan © DarwinsMishap
Aries © me
Image ©2015 Jude/TheOwl68~ All Rights Reserved ♥
88 deviations
Forgiven by TheOwl68
"...Aries...fuck the lipstick, 'kay?"
"Si, si...I don' know why we do deez makeup sometimes. Mmm, besarme otra vez, sexy..."

Forgiven indeed. Again, the beautiful Trystan for M4, available here:…
I cannot get over that tattoo in particular, it's amazing.

Trystan © DarwinsMishap
Aries © me~
Image ©2015 Jude/TheOwl68~ All Rights Reserved ♥
Life Debt by TheOwl68
Life Debt
I wanted to share something pivotal for my 200th image. Ares is making a special appearance in female form…courtesy of Anluan, a High Priest of Sulwadi.

He is a very tall, extremely thin Elf but quite agile, incredibly fast and super stealthy. He is one of the most devout monks of this order, which makes him especially dangerous when he has no choice but to fight. 

A High Priest of Sulwadi, or Ka Sulwadiun as they are known, have an animal companion which represents their life force and are rumored to possess a direct, divine connection to the spirit world. His animal companion is a raven.

Ares managed to save Anluan's life with a Resurrection ritual, so he is now indebted to save her life in return. Naturally, she's having a meltdown over this, for those who know her storyline in The Auriellian Prophecy.

Anluan’s real-life model is an amazing, long-haired, free-spirited Irishman, beautiful inside and out. He accepts me for who I am, how I identify and I love him ♥

Take that, fate.

Anluan & Ares © me~

Image ©2015 Jude/TheOwl68~ All Rights Reserved

Lo Siento by TheOwl68
Lo Siento
"C'mon, Aries...I'm here -now-, aren't I?"
"Lo siento, cariño."
"No. Don' call me dat....No toque los pies!"
(Trystan kills a smile here, trying to wear Aries' defenses down)

He does.

The exceptionally beautiful Trystan for M4 by DarwinsMishap, available for purchase here:…
I tried to get him to render in his red make-up option but, alas, I'm lucky I got this render at all.

My processor is dying, I think, and I am quite stressed that I won't be able to replace my computer's components, let alone get a new computer, for some time. Trystan's tattoos are expertly done and I'm glad I got them into this render. Thanks, Dar, he is delicious!

My Spanish sucks so I'm hoping Google Translate is doing Aries justice xD

©2015 Jude/TheOwl68~ All Rights Reserved ♥


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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
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I'm a hobbyist and developing artist. The bulk of my work involves creating 3D images in D|S4Pro and using digital painting plus other post-working techniques in attempts to create a style which is a mixture of painterly and photo-realistic. I started out as a traditional artist prior to the dawn of digital art so painting is one of my greatest passions.

I prefer the male form and much of my work falls into the male/male romance and affection category, so be warned if this is not your thing. I also enjoy creating fantasy images and have a specific series related to my dorky D&D inspired campaign/story, The Auriellian Prophecy. While I do not consider myself a writer, I began this storyline for the purpose of challenging myself to take scenes from it and bring them to 3D life.

In addition, I enjoy creating digital seamless fabrics, some of which are for sale at YURdigital and some for free at Renderosity, along with a small selection of basic 3D objects which I've modeled & mapped using Wings3D. I have included the links below. Please feel free to have a browse at your leisure :nod:

Something important I would like to share here; I want to let everyone know that I rarely comment on images featuring the female form. Please take no offense. It is not you, nor your artwork; it's only me, something quite personal which I won't get into. When I do comment on any genre of artwork it is because I genuinely like it. I don't expect comments in return. If you genuinely like any of my images enough to comment or favorite, that just rocks my world and encourages me further :love:

Since joining DA my skills sets and inspiration have sky-rocketed. I am overwhelmed by the enormous spectrum of talent here and also the vast offerings of shared knowledge and resources. I'm very happy to be a part of this community and hope to be able to contribute as much as I can. Contact me if you'd like to share & compare notes =D Constructive criticism is always welcome!

~*Update*~ I've added my own chat room :hooray:…

Lastly, just a gentle notice that my artwork is not open stock unless otherwise specified in my comments on the individual posts. If you see anything you'd like to use/re-post/share, etc, please respect my copyrights and Note me to ask permission.

Thanks so much for visiting and for reading. I hope you'll enjoy my offerings!

Art Theft and Profiting!

Sat Apr 11, 2015, 3:43 PM
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This is specifically for anyone who's created 3D models to be on the lookout for this art thief who is selling others' 3D items through their SecondLife shop and profiting. LuxXeon discovered his items up for sale there & has put out the APB, so I'm sharing his journal.…
Please check to see if any of your own 3D items or others are there & pass this journal on if you are able.



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